Nurse Betty – She Goes Everywhere With Me

Me with my gal Nurse Betty

I posted a quick story on Instagram joking about my breast pump and it got me in a conversation with a mom-to-be about what pump I was using and if I liked it. So boom 💥 that #obviously inspired this thoughtful blurb on my dear friend, Nurse Betty.

I recently started back at work two weeks ago and knew I would also start a year or so long relationship with my Medela breast pump – aka Nurse Betty. This is my second go round/purchase of the Pump In Style bag, I also had bought the same one for Drake. The reason I think I liked it initially because it was an all encompassing bag/kit that wasn’t necessarily obvious as to what it was. Lol like I care now if anyone knows it’s a breast pump, but whatever…

I recommend this version because it’s a double pump. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing a single pump, for as much time you spend pumping per day, plus if you’re really on a schedule then having a single is just not efficient.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote

The pump kit comes with a car adapter, cooler, and includes bottles and storage. I would also recommending purchasing 6 additional bottles, breast pump shields, and a back up of each pump part (membranes and tubes) so you have them on hand for a year or so of pumping.

The Medela brand has a great reputation and I have been impressed with how my pump for Drake held up considering I used it 3-5 times a day for a year. I don’t know, with machine items like these that are small and unique, you would think eventually it would die out on you, but mine didn’t. Same thing with the one I have for Cortlan, it works like a charm.

Let’s be clear here – committing to breastfeeding and pumping for a year or whatever time frame you want is work. But it’s so “do-able” if you have a good pump, especially one that maximizes efficiency. For these reasons, I totally recommend!

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