Office Space Views

Here’s my current home office 💻 space view…

Can any work get done when you’re also watching a baby?

First of all does anyone legitimately work at home, and effectively, with a baby or child? Well mad props to you. Not a shocker, but I am much more productive sans baby in the house. Even as I type this Cortlan has already interrupted me…

Second, I’ve noticed over the past few weeks I’ve subconsciously been adding some “juju” to the office area. As you can see in the photo, this includes my lucky bamboo, a sage plant, and a crystal 🔮salt rock. 😂 Last but certainly not least, I feel no matter the color scheme you’ve got going in your office, a #redstapler is an absolute essential. Thoughts? Add it to your Amazon cart if ya feel me.

Office Space essential. The iconic Swingline red stapler. Shouldn’t all staplers be red?

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