The Lamp Story

I love lamp. Had to say that before I actually start the story because honestly, assuming you’ve seen the classic movie Anchorman, who doesn’t think of the “I love lamp” moment when talking about lamps? 😂 Anyways…

What’s the story behind this lovely lamp? Well, apparently in order to be a grown up and have your master bedroom design be instagrammable, you need matching lamps on your nightstands. The lamp offers you lumens at night while you read your favorite novel (or surf Instagram).

I thought finding these grown up items would be both easy and economical, however, I quickly learned this was not the case. A LOT of time was spent researching and shopping for this lamp, and the caveat will surprise you. Yes there are lamps a plenty that are affordable, but I wanted a lamp with ONE feature that I thought would be pretty standard, and that feature was a USB port (for charging). 😮

Why, on earth, this is not a standard feature in most table/bedside designed lamps is actually surprising to me. I mean I didn’t come up with this idea randomly, it all stems from seeing this feature all the time on lamps at hotels, so…

So after a weeklong’s worth of online shopping and searches, I finally came across a site called Lamps Plus, where my PAIR of lamps were purchased. Yes, a modern designed lamp with a USB port so I can charge my iPhone at night and Instagram errr read in bed like a grown up. Total for both was $74.99 and got free shipping. Pretty good deal, right? #ilovelamp

Designer Deals: DUH

Accessory 🕶 deals from @saksoff5th will make you smile 😃 #off5thfinds. Simply put, don’t forget to check out this site when you’re looking for designer deals.

These Tom Ford sunglasses 😎 were originally $430, I bought them from Saks Off Fifth for less than $150 including taxes (had a women’s day promo code). This site has always been my go to for shopping 🛍 accessories and handbags, while not having to pay full price.

Now it would be a lot cooler if the ☀️ sun would stay out long enough to take a selfie 🤳.

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OOTD or OOTM: Sweatpants Rule Postpartum 😂

Well here I am two weeks postpartum and I was going to say “NOTHING fits right, I’ve been wearing sweatpants the whole time”, however, actually I’m going to say that “EVERYTHING fits right, I’ve been wearing sweatpants the whole time.” 😉

With February and the beginning of March being cold and frankly not worth going outside, I can’t complain that the beginning of my maternity leave has corresponded with needing to wear comfy, warm clothes.

I don’t have a go-to expensive sweatsuit or Lulu item to recommend haha, however I’ll admit I pull basically anything from the Express One Eleven line to wear as my day-to-day, non-active “activewear”. As I continue to heal and ‘deflate’ post baby, these comfy and soft clothes are my outfit of the month.

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Best Gifts for New Moms

Let’s be real here. The newborn snuggles never get old, and that’s because they don’t last forever. Finite moments are priceless, right?

I’ve actually got a couple things on my vanity right now that I can recommend as great must haves for moms and moms to be, and relate to getting the most ‘snuggle’ time you can. If you’re in the market to get a new mom friend or loved one a gift, check these ideas out just for Mommy!

First is Aveda’s Invati Scalp Revitalizer ($65). You’ve all heard about hair thinning & loss that can happen post pregnancy. Everyone is different and hormones play a role in all of it. This time around I’m just being proactive and using a product that gives you thicker, fuller-looking hair. The ingredients stimulate circulation on the scalp too. This is a cool gift because normally people don’t buy products like this for themselves until it’s “too late”, where they’re already seeing a significant amount of hair loss. Getting something like this as a pre-emptive measure can be so appreciated.

Second is Aveda’s speed of light blow dry accelerator spray ($32). Lol it’s easy to think and feel like you have less time for yourself and want to hurry up that time spent getting ready. If this is you and you want to feel more efficient, get a blow dry accelerator spray 😉. It can reduce blow dry time by up to 50% or more. 😮

Third and final favorite is Aveda’s stress-fix composition oil ($30). I use this everyday for aromatherapy and it’s great for skin-to-skin and bedtime, the lavender blend aroma helps encourage the 💤 😴.

Now back to snuggling. ❤️

So Easy a Caleb Could Do It

I find it ironic that my last post was titled “It’s Been Too Long” and then here I am writing my next post nearly a year and a half later 😂. Well, the creative process apparently comes slowly to me…

But hey, I gotta be real here and if I don’t have blog worthy content I sure as sh*t can’t be spending my time putting up mediocre material. By the way, do people even blog anymore or is everyone’s Instagram account now the blog avenue? Don’t worry, I already know the answer.

Anyways, had to share this DIY project I completed because I feel people need to know how easy this is to add a little upgrade to their household.

For the record, a #DIY pre-req in my house 🏠 is that “it has to be so easy, a Caleb could do it!
A little mantle upgrade 🔨 happened this morning – I used “E-Z Wall 4″ x 36″ Vinyl Peel & Stick Planks” from Wayfair and it took me less than two hours to complete from start to finish, including prep and clean up. I had a baby 8 days ago so TRUST ME I have zero interest in doing a project that requires a lot of time or technical skill. 🍼 🕰 😴
Tools Needed: Utility Knife, Level, Tape Measurer & Pencil

The “planks” (shiplap inspired) are peel and stick vinyl boards that last up to 20 years. The only technical skill involved is cutting them to size when necessary and staggering them. The video on the Wayfair website for this product shows you how to do it with a utility knife and it literally is as easy as it looks. 👀 Even better, only four tools are needed: the utility knife, a tape measurer, level and a pencil.

Definitely a nice way to add accent to a living space without a large budget. My mantle wall area was 36” wide by 52” tall so the boards fit seamlessly and minimal cutting was needed. I ordered three boxes of these and only ended up needing two, and my total spend was $174 which included shipping.
Cortlan likes the new look. ✅ 😉

It’s Been Too Long

For REAL though. It has been way to long and I’m sorry to all 6 followers 😂 that are anxiously awaiting the latest and greatest from The Book of Caleb.
This client came in with a warm, red to bronde base wanting some highlighted dimension. At this point I can say I like doing a balayage (hand painted) and foil combo to realistically achieve the sun kissed look. I can’t say it enough, it’s all about placement people!

To lift I used Aveda Enlightener with ‘half and half’ volume developer (aka 15vol which is half 10vol and half 20vol #cosmotalk). Toned with 30g Beige 10g Gold Blonde Finish.

Before & After: Color & Cut Refresh

Chop chop! Can I just say this as a hair stylist and hope it translates the right way? If your hair is past your bra strap it probably isn’t doing anything for you. And by anything for you I don’t actually mean that, however, it could be doing MORE for you. Depending on texture and density, of course, you may benefit from taking your hair up several inches to sit around your shoulders. Your hair will still be long but when styled it looks fuller and thicker because you’re keeping the healthiest parts of your hair still. By the time your hair grows out to a length in the mid back region there is a very strong chance the ends are not as thick and it can look a little dead/wispy. Case in point with this client’s before and after below. We cut off 6+ inches to give her a healthy, manageable length that still does everything super long hair can do but looks, in my opinion, WAY better!
Hair cut, color and style by Lauren Caleb.