Hairtalk: The Color Melt

Hi there. Let’s talk hair color (gasp!) on my website for a change (sarcasm font why don’t you exist?). So what is currently trending in hair color these days? Well gals and guys, I think it is safe to say this: Ombre, the harsh, drastic kind, is done. Sombre, however, the sort of ombre sort of not, is here to stay for quite awhile. Like literally it is here to stay for quite awhile because a ‘sombre done right’ hair color should last you 3-4 months easily. The sombre blend allows over time for your new growth to meld in with the hair color you have done by a professional. Your hair color appointment may be slightly more expensive since your stylist likely will need to use more than one hair color than just highlights (usually a $5-$10 charge per extra bowl, which is no big deal) but the benefit is you can go longer in between appointments and therefore you’re actually saving a ton of money long term. Yay for trends that actually SAVE you money!

Below are before and after photos of a combined color melt and balayage technique I did on a client who wanted to change up her blonde but didn’t want to come back in 8 weeks needing another highlight to blend in with her new growth. The result is a brighter blonde, especially on the ends, but a rooty darker base that gives her dimension and the naturalness she desired. Oh and yes this is the same person, she also got a haircut by me (#obvi), with over 10 inches being donated to Locks of Love.🙂
BEFORE long-hair-makeover-before-and-after

Why You Need A Partial Highlight

A partial highlight appointment versus a full highlight appointment – which one is right for you? This post is all about why I am suddenly obsessed with the partial highlight appointment. Let’s just cut to the chase as to why:

1. Coverage: A partial highlight, when done correctly, is going to highlight the visible areas of the head when your hair is down. A full highlight also includes the areas underneath the ‘top layers’ of hair, but hair that isn’t always necessarily visible very often
2. Timing: A partial highlight, obviously, has less foils and therefore takes less time to complete
3. Pricing: A partial highlight costs less than a full! DUH!

If this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to getting your hair highlighted, I HIGHLY recommend you talk to your stylist about whether or not you need a full highlight EVERY time you make a highlight appointment. I would argue there’s a good chance you can get the same effect of a blonde refresh by alternating between full and partial highlights instead.

Below is a photo of a partial highlight I did on a client this past week. Traditionally she had been coming in for full highlights every time, but this appointment we opted for a partial to see if we could get similar ‘visual’ coverage. Partial highlights are all about your stylist placing foils in the right place, along the hairline and mostly around the part and crown for this effect. I was so pleased, as was my client, with the all over coverage just a partial did on her new growth (roots). To compare the effect, I’ve also posted a photo from a full highlight I did on this client earlier in the year. In my opinion you visually cannot tell the difference, and that’s the whole point!
PARTIAL HIGHLIGHT COVERAGE light blonde highlights
FULL HIGHLIGHT COVERAGE (photo taken earlier in Spring 2016)full versus partial highlights - which one is right for you


Cherry Cola Brunette

The Olympics are over, the fair is over, school is starting this week, so in other words it’s unofficially officially Fall. Time to bust out the fall wardrobe, makeup, and start thinking about changing up that hair color. Darker shades and cooler tones always look best in the fall and winter seasons as they are more flattering on our paling skin tones (bye bye sunshine!). Here’s a little fall hair color inspiration from an appointment I recently did that I’ll call “Cherry Cola Brunette”, which is also known as burgundy brunette but I want to segue the opportunity to ask the question do you call cola ‘pop’ or ‘soda’? Just kidding, I don’t want to ask the question and will admit I call it ‘pop’, but naming this hair color Cherry Pop Brunette sounded more like a sucker and blah blah blah we are getting off subject here. *(also see after last photo below another off subject comment regarding this paragraph)

Anyways, this client wanted an overall darker base with hints of cherry cola (burgundy), cool red hues throughout that would pop (hehe) more in the sun/outdoors than indoor lighting. Below are before and after photos that show how the color looks both inside and outside.
BEFOREhair color before and after photos
AFTER (Outdoors)brunette with dark red hair tonesburgundy brunette hair color
AFTER (Indoors)burgundy or cherry cola brunette hair colordark shiny brunette with subtle dark red tones
Off subject thoughts continued…
If you thought the word “segue” in the first paragraph was some random misspelled word that you glanced over and thought ‘geez Lauren nice spell check’ well guess what, it’s a real word that you probably know the meaning of but didn’t know how it was spelled. “Segue” is pronounced “segway” even though, in my opinion, the way it is spelled would make a typical person say “segoo” or something like that LOL. So there ya have it folks, I hope you can now segue your way easily in to the next subject and your next hair color.



The Modern Bob

If you’re going for a shorter hairstyle, take note. The modern bob, aka the graduated bob, a line, triangular graduation, and there’s probably about 10 different other names for it but one run on sentence later here’s what you need to know: the main ‘feature’ in this style is that your hair is slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back. This can be a noticeable, Victoria Beckham-esque length difference or you can have it appear to be nearly the same length all around, it’s entirely up to you and your stylist! Below is a before and after I did on a client that wanted to say goodbye to her long hair and opt for a more manageable, shorter cut that she could literally wash and wear. And wash and wear was the only option for this younger gal (12 years old!) because she had zero interest in styling it, which is totally fine and exactly why a haircut like this will work on her and be very flattering. After cutting the initial triangular shape, I went back in and also layered her up in the back so the hairstyle naturally bevels and looks super cute! For adult women, this hairstyle is extremely versatile on a lot of different face shapes and looks like you actually have a sophisticated, tailored look versus just having a basic haircut.
BEFOREhairstyles before and after haircuts
AFTERmodern short hairstylestriangular bob hairstyle


Long Blonde Hair Days

A client wanting a full head of highlights with truly a FULL head of hair is a dream come true for me! This girl’s amazingly long hair got dimension and fresh hues of blonde for an overall sunkissed look. And in case you’re wondering how long the appointment was… well if you’re familiar at all with how long it takes to foil then you’ll understand the process was over 5 hours, but it was so worth it! I also gave her a quick haircut since she wanted that “V” shape you get when you cut in long layers in the front. Mermaid hair don’t care!
Color, cut and style by me.
BEFOREhair color makeover before and after
AFTERblonde mermaid hair and v haircut
beautiful blonde highlights - sunkissed ombre



Beige & Bronde

Virgin hair. Hair in it’s ‘purest’ form can be great, however, for a hair stylist it is a blank canvas that we cannot wait to paint it pretty. This client’s mane hadn’t seen any sort of chemical processing or color in over five years and she was ready to brighten things up. In order to transition her to a lighter color without over-processing or anything too drastic, I went with the balayage technique to make the newer blonde pieces look really blended and sunkissed. We ended up with a beautiful bronde color with beige tones.
BEFORE hair color before and after photos
AFTERbalayage highlightsbest hair color des moines