HydroJug – Should you get one?

Apparently I got in at the right time to get a HydroJug, because as I’m writing this I’ve noticed the website is completely SOLD OUT 😮 of its entire inventory.

So, the question remains, should you get a HydroJug? Yes, if you can…here’s why though.

First, I want to point out that regardless of “brand”, having a reusable water bottle in general is what’s important here for all. We are so doomed in the amount of plastic we use for drinks and not to try and make you feel bad but honestly you should feel bad drinking out of a plastic water bottle. You know that even if you “recycle” it that there’s a fat chance it’s going to end up actually recycled. Learn more about that here.

Anyways as a former Hydro Flask AND Swell Bottle user myself, there were two flaws in both products. One is that neither of them are dishwasher safe. So eventually the inside of the water bottle, cap, straw etc gets nasty. Especially with the Swell Bottle is what I noticed.

Second is the “serving size” of both water bottles. Yes it’s nice they can fit in to cup holders of your car but if you’re taking the bottle with you to work or to last all day then you’re frequently refilling your water bottle 4-6 times a day in order to get “enough” water. Typically it’s recommended you drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. So if you weigh 150 pounds you should drink approximately 75 oz of water a day.

Anyways it may not seem that big of a deal having to refill your water bottle but at work I don’t have access to filtered water (at least what I consider filtered) and maybe I’m just lazy but having to go refill my water bottle six times a day at work was annoying AF. I honestly would just not go do it because I would be busy and ya you end up procrastinating a water bottle refill pretty easily…

So folks – a HydroJug basically solves all of these issues. It holds up to 73 oz of water, is dishwasher safe, and although at first it may seem obnoxiously large from what you’re used to, you adjust pretty quickly and it’s all good. Nope it’s not going to fit in a cup holder but whatever if that’s the only thing “bad” about it I’ll take it.

They’re reasonably priced and I bought mine with a sleeve as well so you can free up your hands and carry it like a purse. I also enjoy the fact that you fill it up in the morning and once you’re done drinking the entire thing at some point in your day you know you’ve technically had the recommended amount of water. Every day since I’ve had my HydroJug I’ve drank an entire ‘jug’ of water and love it. There’s so many benefits to staying hydrated, from studies showing it helps you detox, have clearer skin, even a healthier weight. Just get the dang jug, when it’s back in stock.


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