Beauty Blender Dupe – Must Add

Quick share on this #selfcareSunday as I do a mask in my bathroom, I was reminded how recently I got these makeup sponges that are essentially a dupe of the infamous Beauty Blender. The FIVE-PACK, yes, five-pack of sponges by Beakey is only $8.99. If you don’t recall, a regular, original beauty blender has a retail price of $20 each, so this is a DEAL FOLKS.

A 5-pack of equivalent beauty blender performing makeup sponges for only $8.99
Beakey 5-pack Makeup Sponges

I would think this is great for makeup artists, would last the regular individual like myself a whole year, and even helpful for hairstylists to have on hand when they do makeup touch-ups during their appointments. Add it to your Amazon cart now!

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