Trending Now: Buying The Exact Same Thing Over and Over Again

Black Booties. OK you have a pair. Maybe two. Maybe ten. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Black Booties with Croc Skin Texture – Another excuse to buy the same thing

Black booties are a wardrobe essential, and that’s because they’re versatile and you can wear them all day. What you CAN’T do is wear the same pair all the time. It just gets boring.

So, to help justify another pair in your wardrobe, I like to give barely good enough excuses, like “this one has a croc print” or “this one is shiny leather”, or, if you’re really needing a good excuse, “this pair is the last one and it’s on sale” — whether or not that’s true is irrelevant. 😉

Happy shopping (deals!) and excusing, my dears. One could argue the five boots below are all different, but all the same. 😂

Black (and White) Bootie Ideas – All On Sale

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