Status Symbol Fashion?

Hi! I just really wanted to let everyone know that my belt is desiGGner, ok? 🤦

So is it true 🤔 that Instagram, Gucci and LikeToKnowIt collab on the backend to make the GG Belt the most ‘instagrammed’ belt of all time? Probably…

Turns out the GG Belt is one of the higher commissioned items on the RewardStyle platform, so, the marketer in me thinks this is a GREAT partnership/idea/decision by Gucci to turn a logo belt in to a hot commodity, for several years now too.

Every time you see someone wearing this belt, though, do you not think they should also be wearing a message t-shirt saying “HEY EVERYBODY MY BELT IS A GUCCI BELT!” I mean honestly what’s the difference…

The GG belt isn’t the only designer item that screams it’s logo all over it, #obvi. I myself recall buying a Coach purse (over ten years ago now lol) that had the “C”s covered in it. OMG I carried that baby around and was so proud. 🙄

Sometimes I think though that these label screaming items aren’t fashionable at all, it’s just a status symbol thing. Does anyone else feel me on this?

If you think expensive and designer items will fulfill you, then guess what? I think you’ll become very poor. And I’m not talking about your bank account.

In our now saturated fashion influencer world, it can be easy to feel like you’re not Keeping Up With the Kardashians in terms of the latest, greatest, most expensive or best deal etc. All I can say is take a step back and KNOW that none of that materialistic stuff matters. The only stuff that truly matters is the stuff money cannot buy.

This weekend I went to Bettendorf to visit my Grandparents and also bring my two sons (and my sister for help!). There’s nothing designer or glamorous about it, but those moments with my family are beyond priceless. Remember to invest in the things money cannot buy. You’ll get rich, I promise. 💰💰💰

My “Gram” (Grandma) is my Jam
My Grandpa won’t let Drake just win at marbles 😂

And for those of you who invest and still want labels, hey, that’s cool too. Here’s a GG Dupe as well via For Everyone With Love if you’re not wanting to drop $450 on a belt right now. I get you. 😉

Gucci GG Belt Dupe via For Everyone With Love

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