Why You Need A Partial Highlight

A partial highlight appointment versus a full highlight appointment – which one is right for you? This post is all about why I am suddenly obsessed with the partial highlight appointment. Let’s just cut to the chase as to why:

1. Coverage: A partial highlight, when done correctly, is going to highlight the visible areas of the head when your hair is down. A full highlight also includes the areas underneath the ‘top layers’ of hair, but hair that isn’t always necessarily visible very often
2. Timing: A partial highlight, obviously, has less foils and therefore takes less time to complete
3. Pricing: A partial highlight costs less than a full! DUH!

If this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to getting your hair highlighted, I HIGHLY recommend you talk to your stylist about whether or not you need a full highlight EVERY time you make a highlight appointment. I would argue there’s a good chance you can get the same effect of a blonde refresh by alternating between full and partial highlights instead.

Below is a photo of a partial highlight I did on a client this past week. Traditionally she had been coming in for full highlights every time, but this appointment we opted for a partial to see if we could get similar ‘visual’ coverage. Partial highlights are all about your stylist placing foils in the right place, along the hairline and mostly around the part and crown for this effect. I was so pleased, as was my client, with the all over coverage just a partial did on her new growth (roots). To compare the effect, I’ve also posted a photo from a full highlight I did on this client earlier in the year. In my opinion you visually cannot tell the difference, and that’s the whole point!
PARTIAL HIGHLIGHT COVERAGE light blonde highlights
FULL HIGHLIGHT COVERAGE (photo taken earlier in Spring 2016)full versus partial highlights - which one is right for you


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