Cherry Cola Brunette

The Olympics are over, the fair is over, school is starting this week, so in other words it’s unofficially officially Fall. Time to bust out the fall wardrobe, makeup, and start thinking about changing up that hair color. Darker shades and cooler tones always look best in the fall and winter seasons as they are more flattering on our paling skin tones (bye bye sunshine!). Here’s a little fall hair color inspiration from an appointment I recently did that I’ll call “Cherry Cola Brunette”, which is also known as burgundy brunette but I want to segue the opportunity to ask the question do you call cola ‘pop’ or ‘soda’? Just kidding, I don’t want to ask the question and will admit I call it ‘pop’, but naming this hair color Cherry Pop Brunette sounded more like a sucker and blah blah blah we are getting off subject here. *(also see after last photo below another off subject comment regarding this paragraph)

Anyways, this client wanted an overall darker base with hints of cherry cola (burgundy), cool red hues throughout that would pop (hehe) more in the sun/outdoors than indoor lighting. Below are before and after photos that show how the color looks both inside and outside.
BEFOREhair color before and after photos
AFTER (Outdoors)brunette with dark red hair tonesburgundy brunette hair color
AFTER (Indoors)burgundy or cherry cola brunette hair colordark shiny brunette with subtle dark red tones
Off subject thoughts continued…
If you thought the word “segue” in the first paragraph was some random misspelled word that you glanced over and thought ‘geez Lauren nice spell check’ well guess what, it’s a real word that you probably know the meaning of but didn’t know how it was spelled. “Segue” is pronounced “segway” even though, in my opinion, the way it is spelled would make a typical person say “segoo” or something like that LOL. So there ya have it folks, I hope you can now segue your way easily in to the next subject and your next hair color.




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