The Modern Bob

If you’re going for a shorter hairstyle, take note. The modern bob, aka the graduated bob, a line, triangular graduation, and there’s probably about 10 different other names for it but one run on sentence later here’s what you need to know: the main ‘feature’ in this style is that your hair is slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back. This can be a noticeable, Victoria Beckham-esque length difference or you can have it appear to be nearly the same length all around, it’s entirely up to you and your stylist! Below is a before and after I did on a client that wanted to say goodbye to her long hair and opt for a more manageable, shorter cut that she could literally wash and wear. And wash and wear was the only option for this younger gal (12 years old!) because she had zero interest in styling it, which is totally fine and exactly why a haircut like this will work on her and be very flattering. After cutting the initial triangular shape, I went back in and also layered her up in the back so the hairstyle naturally bevels and looks super cute! For adult women, this hairstyle is extremely versatile on a lot of different face shapes and looks like you actually have a sophisticated, tailored look versus just having a basic haircut.
BEFOREhairstyles before and after haircuts
AFTERmodern short hairstylestriangular bob hairstyle


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