Apple Watch Series 4 Dupe: $29 Leggings

I’ve got one hand 👋 in my leggings pocket & an Apple Watch ⌚️ “dupe” for you that costs 😮 only $29.

This post is for all of you Apple users out there that are on the fence right now, as I was, about whether or not to get an Apple Watch. I’ll admit I’ve come a long way from once upon 2012 or so being an android phone user that swore I’d never even get an iPhone, to now being an iPhone user that has the EarPods (iPods?? AirPods???) and an iPad. Sound familiar to you? Read on…

When I upgraded my phone last year to the monster iPhone XS Max, which I love, it also basically required me to get the $159 AirPods 🎧 because, well, cords are on the out and if you use your phone to listen to music 🎵 while working out 💪🏽 or just about anything, podcasts etc then the AirPods are a good investment.

Anyways, the ‘problem’ with the monster phone is that I enjoy running outside and there’s just no way in hell the iPhone XS Max fits comfortably in an arm band sleeve like my former iphones did. I even, in denial, did order an arm sleeve from Amazon thinking I would be able to tolerate basically an iPad on my arm while running and lol 😂 that obviously was ruled out quickly.

So, my issue was how the hell now can I run outside and listen to my Tiesto and Daft Punk heavy playlist while running? Get an apple watch right? Sounds simple, however, dropping $500 (for the cellular version) on a device that I literally only find value in being able to listen to music without my phone handy would NOT be a wise spend. Well, the true solution and dupe to my Apple Watch ⌚️ conundrum was found via a $29 pair of leggings at Nordstrom Rack. The brand, Z by Zella, is actually owned by Nordstrom and most closely relates to higher end (🍋 😉) activewear brands without the price tag. This style, High Waist Daily Pocket 7/8 Leggings (pic below), is not only slimming but has the most important feature, side pockets that are large and deep enough to easily and tightly ‘store’ even your most obnoxiously sized iPhone, and for android users, all of your Samsung 9er Google Phones etc. will fit here too. And no way will it fall out. Nice, right?

Honestly one day I’ll cave and probably get an Apple Watch too, however I’m feeling right now this dupe is a better investment. Has anyone else come across this similar issue? What’s your dupe?

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