try this – liquid retinol

“Liquid” retinol, you say? 🤔 As opposed to ‘solid’ retinol, or what do you mean?

First things first, let’s quickly discuss what retinol is and why people use it in their skincare routine. In a very broad overview, retinol is Vitamin A and the theory is that using it will increase cellular turnover, which can help with concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and even help improve/clear acne. Many people who try retinol do find the ‘challenge’ of balance in how often to use it to see a result without common issues such as breakouts or peeling/dry skin. Think of using retinol like Goldilocks, you don’t want to much, you don’t want too little, and when you find the ‘just right’ amount it’s great.

You’re supposed to start using retinol in your mid-20s, and now a decade in to using various brands (from Roc, to Estee Lauder, Clinique, SkinMedica, prescription tretinoin, Drunk Elephant, Skinbetter, Cerave…geesh that’s too many), I really haven’t across one that I would say I love…

Recently I tried a ‘liquid’ (serum) retinol from the brand MaeLove (pronounced “May-Love”), that I think, LOL, I may love.

Maelove is a skincare brand that as a foundation is creating “luxury products without the luxury markups.” Since I haven’t really found a higher end or ‘lower end’ price point retinol that I come back to for more, there’s no harm in trying another!

Their Stargaze Enhanced Retinol Serum is $28 for a month or more supply if you use it daily. At a .25% concentration this is very ‘introductory’ for retinol strength, which for me I believe is the correct balance to be able to use everyday if I want and not have any irritation. My skin is clearer and more ‘glowy’ after using it for a month and I’ll definitely continue to use it my routine. Frankly if you’re a retinol first timer this is definitely one to try because it can get you started in the right direction before needing to ‘up’ your strength, if that’s the direction you need.

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