Keto Latte Recipe? Tell Me More

I’ve got to share my new “latte” ☕️ recipe for a case of the Mondays 😂 and it’s #ketofriendly thanks to my hubby Michael being all hot on the keto wagon 🚗 right now…welcome to 2016, right?

This “latte” is creamy, delicious, and of course carb free. I brew a batch of French Press coffee (I prefer a dark roast) and then immediately pour in to my obnoxiously large, counter space hogging Vitamix that I got like 10 years ago and still haven’t converted to a magic bullet like a normal person. Anyways…

Add heavy whipping cream (or you could do half and half), cinnamon, some stevia drips, and ghee butter then blend for a minute in your mixer. You’ll get a frothy cup of joe that is energizing and may become your new favorite hot beverage in the morning. If you’ve tried this or something similar, let me know what you think in the comments below. 😉

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