It’s Here: The Book of Caleb Podcast

It’s true. I like all of the things. But I still don’t SnapChat. Boundaries, people…

The Book of Caleb podcast officially launched Sunday, March 22nd, and frankly I already feel the episode is dated since it covers the hot topic, the ONLY topic, 😷 Coronavirus. While we were recording the episode we (Michael and I) were “off the grid” for an hour, and that’s when the Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds announced the additional closures of businesses in Iowa including salons, spas, barbershops and more.

In case you’re wondering how I launched a podcast in one day, I’ll tell you this secret…Google. 😂

Not even kidding, if you are a millennial you’ll be able to figure it out. After hearing a speech by Randi Zuckerburg at the WOCO Conference in Des Moines about two weeks ago, she recommended buying a Blue Yeti microphone and using Messy.Fm to host your podcast. So that’s what I did.

I edited my show in Adobe Audition because I have a Creative Cloud subscription. There’s a bunch of entry level tutorials for Adobe Audition that come with the software and in under a day I was able to figure out how to edit a whole ‘session’ of sound clips.

The Book of Caleb podcast is still pending approval on Apple iTunes, which apparently can take anywhere from 24 hours to 😲 14 days. So, I didn’t want to wait that long to announce that the Podcast is live and decided it’s best to share the show via Messy.FM for now.

Take a listen now that you’re stuck at home and need something to give you background noise as you reorganize your pantry. I hope you can relate to this roller coaster, unprecedented pandemic experience. Enjoy!

Listen Now: THE BOOK OF CALEB: Episode 1: Coronavirus — What the F is Happening

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