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Here’s my ‘this is too good to be true but it’s true’ face to start this off. Try this on for size, and well, taste. I’ve got a keto-friendly, IPA beer in my hand that has 33 calories, 5.6g carbs, and ZERO SUGAR 🍺 per can. Folks, this is SURREAL. No, literally, it is a drink from SURREAL Brewing Company.

How, you may ask, is this possible, and how did I come across this? And what’s the catch? Does it taste like sh*t? Haha don’t worry I got you. 😂

Michael actually found this beer company online in his quest for a keto-friendly, non-alcoholic beer. Why is Michael searching for non-alcoholic beers, by the way? No hard and fast reason, but right now his ‘thing’ is the fact that he hasn’t drank alcohol since Christmas and is on a ‘streak’. LOL I can’t explain him 🤷 just let him do his thing.

Anyways there’s only so many options for non-alcoholic brews at the grocery store, aka O’Douls and then Heineken has a decent one. The two beer ‘leaders’ in non-alcoholics, however, have more than 10g carbs in them per serving and ‘keto-Mike’ needed a lower carb solution. BOOM. When he discovered SURREAL the order for 12 of their IPAs were pretty much instantly placed. #impulsebuy

I know, I know, I can hear you asking, “why would you drink a non-alcoholic beer, what’s the point?”. Trust me I’ve been there asking the same question. I think I’ve come to realize a couple things about beer and alcohol in my current lifestyle that a non-alcoholic beer resolves. One is that I LIKE the TASTE of beer with my meals, normally at dinner haha. Beyond that I don’t always need/want the buzz or appreciate the extra calories an ‘alcoholic’ beer produces. Two, I am currently nursing a newborn and it is advised that you should probably lay off the sauce overall. This Chandelier Red IPA from Surreal has become the ‘solution’ to my beer needs right now, and what’s even more crazy is the fact that it has only 33 calories, 0g of sugar and 5.6g of carbs per can. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. 😲

So, how does it taste? Like a craft brewed IPA. Seriously, because that’s what it is of course. With that low amount of calories per serving I was skeptical too, thinking it’s going to arrive looking like water and taste like a 😬 natty light. But nope, as you can see in the photo, it is a RED IPA and is surprisingly refreshing given it’s dark appearance.

Come to find out, the backstory behind this brand is pretty cool too. The husband and wife owners created their company after the wife & mother, Donna, successfully completed treatment for breast cancer, and wanted to create a healthy, adult tasting alternative for so many occasions where alcohol doesn’t necessarily fit. Directly from their site “Our mission at Surreal Brewing Company is to provide you with a delicious, refreshing craft beer for anytime you crave the taste of beer – without limits…We use all natural ingredients, non-GMO grains, and a wholesome brewing process that allows the yeast to create marvelous esters and phenols, minerals and B vitamins, & flavors and aromas. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out their website for more info and to place an order. And here’s a little incentive to try – use the code “CALEB2OFF” to take $2 off any six-pack or more. Nice right? Cheers! 🍻

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