Family Life: Get to an Iowa Cubs Game

A little nostalgia and an aha moment happened for me this past weekend as the Caleb family ventured to Principal Park in Downtown Des Moines for an Iowa Cubs game. I actually worked there in the skyboxes as a server during my summers in college, so I know the venue quite well, however it had been awhile since I had visited and also had never taken the kids there.

Cubbie Bear – An Iowa Cubs essential experience

We went to celebrate my Dad’s retirement (rented a skybox), and although this was meant to focus on my Dad, I feel like Drake (our 4-year old) had the absolute time of his life. Honestly I think Drake now believes baseball games and retirement parties 🎉 are the best thing ever.

Superheros busted in to our skybox room during the Iowa Cubs Game – Drake is living his best life!

There was a visit from Cubbie Bear, of course, but at one point a herd of superheros also busted in to our room, including Spiderman, which resulted in lots of jumping up and down. Oh and a police 👮 officer. It was 😮 WILD. And the night ended with fireworks too.

Drake got to meet Des Moines Police Sergent Paul Parizek

My aha moment is there a more family friendly venue in Des Moines to take your kids to in the summer than an Iowa Cubs Game? This has to be one of the top on the list. It’s SAFE ⚾️ to say we will be coming back for 🌭 🎇 more. Whether you opt for a skybox party or general admission tickets, the ballpark is sized ‘just right’ so there’s truly not a bad seat in the house. They even offer kid birthday party packages, which in my opinion is a GREAT option to have a venue to go to and not have to hassle with decor or other party items. Of course the baseball game is also fun for adults, from the entertainment of the game to the classic ballpark food and local brewery options served there as well.

Many of you Des Moines-ians (haha what is the right word for that?) have been to an Iowa Cubs game before, so let this be a reminder that if you haven’t been in awhile to be sure to check it out this summer.

View from Iowa Cubs Skyboxes Principal Park Des Moines

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