Teach Me How To Snuggie

OK I cannot help it but every time I wrap my 3-month old in this Halo Sleep Sack I sing to myself “Teach Me How to Snuggie, ttaaa taa teach me how to snuggie” in the ‘Teach Me How to Dougie” beat.

Baby Essential – Halo SleepSack

I’m calling this an absolute essential for those expecting and anyone who had trouble swaddling their babies. This SleepSack makes swaddling easy and holds your baby snug. I literally use it every night with Cortlan and know that he loves it too. It’s basically a signal for him to go to bed. If you’re expecting, get this or add it to your registry. And this also IMO makes a great baby shower gift, whether it’s on someone’s registry or not.

By the way I was totally going to take a picture of Cortlan right now in his snuggie, however, when I actually started doing this I realized wow Lauren, he is SLEEPING. Don’t wake him up. 🤦 Sorry, it’s been a long day lol. Check it out on Amazon now.

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