Mommy Must Have: Baby Brezza

This one isn’t just for the paranoid, first-time Mom’s and germaphobes. Nope, I say this bottle sterilizer from Baby Brezza is for everyone and an essential for your baby’s first year.

babybrezza bottle sterilizer and dryer – a Mommy Must-Have

So wait, what is it? This alien UFO looking-like contraption is a bottle sterilizer and dryer. As a back-to-work, pumping (5x/day) Mom I can’t tell you how great of an item this is to have to safely clean and sanitize your bottles, pacifiers, and pump parts. And hey, if you want to sterilize your wine glasses, go for it.

In a 30 minute cycle you can have your bottles/items fully sanitized and dried. I did not have this product for my first baby and I can tell you the process of having to boil your bottles etc. was an extra layer of annoying — God forbid you forget that you’re ‘boiling’ your bottles and you end up burning/melting the plastic on the pot, cuz ya that happened to me…

With the Baby Brezza sterilizer you can just load your items up like a dishwasher, set the machine and walk away. It beeps when the cycle is complete. Seriously guys, too easy, right? Get it for $120 on Amazon.

Oh and get the grass drying rack (linked below). An easy place to store your bottles and accessories post wash.

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