Honey Hues

I love being able to create the ‘new and natural’ look on a client. Adding in dimension with blonde, honey toned tips brightens up her color but still looks natural and sunkissed. This is the type of color that you can easily go 3 or more months in between appointments if you like your new growth because the blend won’t have any harsh lines. 🙂

Purple Pops

Let’s talk about fashion colors in hair. By fashion colors I mean pretty much any unnaturally occurring color in the hair, as in not brown, black, red, or blonde yellow. The “non-naturals” are becoming so second nature (for lack of a better term) and that makes me excited. There’s a way to incorporate them in to your hair that still looks, in my opinion, professional and not like a teenage mistake.

Below is a recent purple “peekaboo” I did on a client who wanted those subtle pops but still had to keep her overall hair color workplace friendly. I love how the purple adds in a dimension of fun but isn’t screaming for attention either. What do you think?
blonde-with-violet-peekaboo-highlights subtle-violet-peekaboo-highlights

The Stretched Root

Another low maintenance hair color option to consider for those of you wanting to “stretch” times in between your highlight appointments. The “stretched root” is a technique where you can combine highlights with a darker, rootier blended base. The method allows for your new growth to blend in better with your lighter color and essentially you can continue to grow out your natural color as long as you like it! Below are pictures of a stretched root and highlight I did recently – although the base color is subtle it gives the client a more blended option and therefore she can grow her hair out longer without worrying about having a harsh line of new growth that can happen with just doing traditional foils right to the scalp.
streched-root stretched-root-highlights


Blonded All Over

I love making a blonde blonde again! I’m a big believer in highlights versus all over color, especially when it comes to light blonde. Why? With highlights, even if you do a very heavy, fine foil all over to achieve nearly Barbie perfection blonde, I still like the fact that the client’s natural color is embedded subtly in the hair. It offers a natural dimension that goes away if you do an all over color. The process takes a little longer to do but it’s so worth it and gives the client less of a demarcation line (ie roots) as her hair grows out. See a great example below of a full foil I did on a client recently. The coverage is great but she still has dimension from her natural shade. What do you think?
BEFORE highlights before and after
AFTERcool blonde highlightsplatinum blonde highlights

Hairtalk: The Color Melt

Hi there. Let’s talk hair color (gasp!) on my website for a change (sarcasm font why don’t you exist?). So what is currently trending in hair color these days? Well gals and guys, I think it is safe to say this: Ombre, the harsh, drastic kind, is done. Sombre, however, the sort of ombre sort of not, is here to stay for quite awhile. Like literally it is here to stay for quite awhile because a ‘sombre done right’ hair color should last you 3-4 months easily. The sombre blend allows over time for your new growth to meld in with the hair color you have done by a professional. Your hair color appointment may be slightly more expensive since your stylist likely will need to use more than one hair color than just highlights (usually a $5-$10 charge per extra bowl, which is no big deal) but the benefit is you can go longer in between appointments and therefore you’re actually saving a ton of money long term. Yay for trends that actually SAVE you money!

Below are before and after photos of a combined color melt and balayage technique I did on a client who wanted to change up her blonde but didn’t want to come back in 8 weeks needing another highlight to blend in with her new growth. The result is a brighter blonde, especially on the ends, but a rooty darker base that gives her dimension and the naturalness she desired. Oh and yes this is the same person, she also got a haircut by me (#obvi), with over 10 inches being donated to Locks of Love. 🙂
BEFORE long-hair-makeover-before-and-after