All Whitey Then

Memorial Day Weekend is approaching and we have all heard of the alleged fashion ‘rule’ that it’s now OK to wear white. Does anyone actually follow this ‘rule’ anymore? It’s not OK to wear a white summer dress in the freezing cold winter, sure, but it’s also not OK to wear a blue summer dress in the freezing cold winter, either. I have plenty of seasonal ‘winter white’ clothing that I wear during cold months and never think twice that I’m breaking some sort of weird rule against it.

Nevertheless, this alleged ‘rule’ should remind and inspire you to bring out your white summer clothing. I love a white summer dress and playing it up with a colorful accent piece. Personally, my ‘rule’ for wearing white in the summer is to make sure your white clothing doesn’t match your skin tone. Now is the time to start a good self-tanner and bronzer routine for the summer months. Definitely get a decent brand that doesn’t smell or rub off on your (gasp!) white clothing either.

summer going out outfit idea

Goldie white dress
$81 –

Prada satchel handbag

Kate Spade bib necklace

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