Skort – Day to Night

A skort – the spork of clothing is, as the analogy implies, versatile. You can wear it during the day casually (and comfortably) or you can spruce up your look and wear it at night (also comfortably). And skorts aren’t just found in the women’s golf and tennis section of a sporting goods store. Yes, you can find ‘fashionable’ pairs just about anywhere these days (Zara, Express, Forever 21, H&M, they all have them). As an added bonus to a skort’s versatility, it is also just fun to say the word skort. And type the word skort. In fact, I’ve typed skort over 6 times in this paragraph….

Day To Night Skort Outfit Idea

Black t shirt
$92 –

Express golf skirt

Movado watch

Jane Norman gold earrings
$13 –

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