Brunette Dimension and Shine

Last post was about making a blonde blonde again, so therefore it follows that I must post about making a brunette a brunette again. The fun thing about hair color is you don’t need to do anything drastic in order to achieve a beautiful ‘upgrade’ as I like to call it. This client came in with all natural dark hair, an almost black to all black shade. She wanted a change but to still stay very much in the brunette family, and asked if we could do some balayage/highlights on her hair to add in more dimension. Typically to do this you would need to highlight (bleach) the hair that you wanted lighter and then tone it with additional hair color to the hue that you want. What is fun about all natural/virgin hair however is that instead of bleaching there is a gentler option using just hair color to get the life and vibrancy you want. Aveda has a permanent hair color line called Deep that was formulated specifically to lift dark, natural virgin hair. This client was more than a great candidate for the Deep line and so I was able to do a balayage application technique on her to achieve a rich, shiny dark chocolate brunette color that still kept in her natural base color. If your hair is currently ‘virgin’, as in not treated with hair color or highlights, then this is definitely a great option for you!
Color and style by me.

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