Make A Whish!

I came home yesterday to find a lovely delivery at my door that I could hardly wait to try – Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream and Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel. whish shaving productsI heard about the Whish product line recently while attending a cosmetic trunk show and have seen it in different magazines, most recently NewBeauty. These products made me consider how much I upgrade/invest in higher end hair, makeup, skin, and body care products, however, one area that I have given the least amount of attention to is my ‘shave’ care regimen. All I’ve ever used is a Venus razor (I have no allegiance to any particular type) and liquid soap. What hooked me in on Whish is not so much the shaving cream as it was the Shave Savour. The Shave Savour ($26) is a hair inhibiting gel, and at this point I honestly cannot believe I overlooked a rather no-brainer product in my beauty routine. Unless shaving is something you enjoy on a regular basis, you should ALWAYS use a product after shaving that slows hair growth, right? The Whish line also makes an effort to use organic/natural ingredients and is sulfate, paraben, and petrochemical free, AND I would make the argument that the Shave Savour is environmentally friendly because of the logic if you shave less then you’re using less water etc. OK, enough pitch here, these products are amazing, just look at my before and after! hair removal before and afterBAHA! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I thought it would be a little too much to do a real before and after for this–if you’re able to imagine what your leg looks/feels like before and after shaving then you get the picture. Using the shave cream was nice, it was a lot more oily than it was creamy compared to other shave creams I’ve used and was very moisturizing. The Shave Savour is gel based, very soothing, and I can totally see why this would be great to use after being out in the sun or in a pool all day, as this is another suggested use. In sum – a product that puts the brakes on stubble is always going to be in my beauty closet!

2 thoughts on “Make A Whish!

  1. I’ve been seeing this around the internet lately! I’m typically pretty hesitant to mess with my shaving routine because I’ve found one that works really well for me, but I’m really interested in the hair growth inhibitor, that could end up being a personal savior!


  2. Haha that before and after scared me! I’m the same way, just any soap or condition I could reach first. I’ve never heard of this brand before but that packaging is adorable <3

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