The Lamp Story

I love lamp. Had to say that before I actually start the story because honestly, assuming you’ve seen the classic movie Anchorman, who doesn’t think of the “I love lamp” moment when talking about lamps? 😂 Anyways…

What’s the story behind this lovely lamp? Well, apparently in order to be a grown up and have your master bedroom design be instagrammable, you need matching lamps on your nightstands. The lamp offers you lumens at night while you read your favorite novel (or surf Instagram).

I thought finding these grown up items would be both easy and economical, however, I quickly learned this was not the case. A LOT of time was spent researching and shopping for this lamp, and the caveat will surprise you. Yes there are lamps a plenty that are affordable, but I wanted a lamp with ONE feature that I thought would be pretty standard, and that feature was a USB port (for charging). 😮

Why, on earth, this is not a standard feature in most table/bedside designed lamps is actually surprising to me. I mean I didn’t come up with this idea randomly, it all stems from seeing this feature all the time on lamps at hotels, so…

So after a weeklong’s worth of online shopping and searches, I finally came across a site called Lamps Plus, where my PAIR of lamps were purchased. Yes, a modern designed lamp with a USB port so I can charge my iPhone at night and Instagram errr read in bed like a grown up. Total for both was $74.99 and got free shipping. Pretty good deal, right? #ilovelamp

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