Matcha coming at ‘cha

Matcha tea – BUT WHY?

Maybe not new to the scene, but perhaps something you still haven’t tried or incorporated as a drinking habit, is Matcha Green Tea. Do you remember why people drink this? Has it ever tasted decent for you? If you’re like me, your answer probably is somewhere along the lines of ‘ya I’ve tried it, it tastes like grass’ or ‘nah what’s matcha again’?

Let me quickly break it down for you — Matcha Green Tea (and powder) is extremely high in antioxidants. Medical and online consensus tells us antioxidants are believed to have cancer fighting qualities because it reduces free radicals. The thoery is that by increasing your antioxidant intake, this may help prevent cell damage and even lower your risk of several chronic diseases.

Matcha can also provide an energy boost but with a lot less caffeine than a cup of coffee (less than 1/4). It boosts your metabolism and there’s even a study that attributes it to helping to burn more fat. So hey, if you’ve tried Matcha before and weren’t a fan, can I get you to reconsider?

My functional, tastes pretty decent at-home Matcha latte consists of one tablespoon of this Organic Japanese Matcha powder, a splash of lemon juice and a splash of almond milk. I drink this on weekday afternoons around 3-4 PM for a little pick me up. I would also recommend drinking this in the mornings prior to a workout (minus the almond milk, to help aid w/ fat burning) if coffee isn’t your jam or you’re just looking to vary it a bit. The 3.5 oz bag is approximately 50 teaspoons, which ends up being about 25 matcha lattes, I do a TABLEspoon for my serving. That’s very affordable and I promise it doesn’t taste like eating grass. 😉

PS I also recommend one of this mini-stirrers (frothers?!) to mix up your powder in to a nice frothy latte. So affordable and something you’ll use every time!

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