Life Hack: Beverages

My most recent Podcast on Life Hack Beverages (listen here) goes in to detail on this, but I wanted to supplement it with some of the brands and where you can find them. All of these ‘life hack’ beverages basically serve a purpose to be a better you. A means to an end, right?

French Press Coffee

It sounds more complicated than it is — you’ll need a french press coffee maker, teapot, coffee beans, and a coffee bean grinder. I love a dark roast and like to add a splash of cream and cinnamon, and lately I’ve also been adding a tablespoon of Swerve Brown Sugar. So good. EVERY MORNING.

Caveman Coffee Nitro Cold Brew

For those of you that want a pick me up and enjoy a cold brew coffee beverage. This is so smooth and reasonably priced, it’s basically under $3.50/can when you order a 12-pack. Do the math, it’s a lot less than what you typically spend at the drive-thru coffee places. I actually love drinking this before a workout too.

Green Tea with Lemon

Post-afternoon I like any kind of green tea with lemon. It not only gives you a natural energy boost but lemon helps to detox you as well. No joke I bought a giant box of this Bigelow Organic green tea that is a half-year supply basically. And it was $17 total. Can’t get more economy than that!

Everyday Fit from TruLean

Burns Fat. Curbs Appetite. Makes Water Delicious. Sign me up! I add this to my water and at only 5 calories I consider it negligible. It helps me to get my recommended half my body’s weight in water per day. It’s so good and a 30-day supply will run you $42 although you can typically find a coupon code or order more (3-packs) for a discount.

Bang Energy Drink

OK totally embarrassed in a way to admit I drink this from time-to-time, but it’s true. Guys, if you want an EDGE, and want to be in denial about caffeine side effects LOL, then consider this energy drink. It has zero calories somehow but tastes amazing, yet also claims it has no artificial flavors. If I am super low on energy or want to have a killer workout, I sip like 1/8 of a can and am golden. DO NOT DRINK THE ENTIRE CAN IN ONE DAY. I did this one time and my eyes were pulsating LOL. There’s tons of flavors but my favorite is Passion Guava Pear. You can find these indivually at most convenience stores/grocery stores or buy 12-pack cases online for around $28, which comes out to $2.33/can.

Lagunitas Hop Water

Call your local liquor or grocery store to confirm they carry this, but this one is a gem. Zero calories. Zero carbs. Tastes like an IPA. No alcohol obviously but I love having this at dinner, as if I’m having a beer but don’t have to worry about the calories or actual effects of alcohol. This one sounds like it’s freaking too good to be true, but it is. Locally we found out that Ingersoll Wine and Spirits in Des Moines carries this, but we (Michael) originally discovered this drink at The Bartender’s Handshake.

Heineken 0.0 Non-Alcoholic

Don’t need to link anything online here, you will be able to find this non-alcoholic beverage at any major grocery store. Only 69 calories and tastes like real beer. Another great option when you want that beer taste but don’t want to actually drink or have a lot of calories. It does have 16g carbs per bottle, which is a little high, but not too bad. So good in a cold glass, and I like to add a little salt to mine as well.

Fit Vine Wine

Finally, cannot NOT mention my favorite wine lately – Fit Vine Wine Pinoit Noir. The entire bottle has less than 600 calories and 20g carbs. It’s been the only red wine I can drink that doesn’t give me a headache at 3 AM. HUGE LIFE HACK here folks. If you’re going to wine, make sure it’s Fit Vine.

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