Your Bathroom Needs This

A quick note on the ‘heat fan’ instagram story I did recently – here’s a link below of what I was talking about. The bathroom heat exhaust fan is an absolute essential, especially in your master bathroom. For $100, this is a STEAL.

Heat Fan For Your Bathroom = Must HAVE

The fan can be easily switched out from your current, regular, non-heat exhaust fan too. If you’re a pretty savvy do-it-yourself-er or if you want to hire a handyman for an hour and pay them $100, you’ll be glad you did.

I absolutely LOVE the heat option for my bathroom. I turn this baby on in the morning before my shower and it’s nice and toasty warm when I get out. Also, the fact that it’s freaking freezing in Iowa 11 months of the year makes this heat fan basically essential.

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