Turkey Neck – It’s A Thing

I have to acknowledge that although I’m publishing this on September 29th and could hold out for a few days to make it more ‘seasonal’, I can’t help but establish the sense of urgency here. When it comes to aging, TIME is not on your side, so I’m going to go head and post this now.

Let’s talk Turkey Neck. Crepey Skin. And Tech Neck. Guys these are all the same thing, OK? And what they all are referring to is the skin on your neck eventually becomes ‘aged’, and you see more horizontal lines, crepey skin, and fat accumulation.

I recently learned about and started using a product called Nectifirm by Revision Skincare, which is formulated to directly address these issues. The sell point for me, regardless of it’s scientific technology, is the RIDICULOUS before and afters circulating. This product is innovative and for just being topical in nature, I can’t believe the difference it is making for people in just 6-12 weeks. Check it:

Now there is Nectifirm for early to moderate neck aging issues and Nectifirm Advanced for moderate to severe neck aging concerns. I started using Nectifirm (regular) a couple days ago to address what I call my ‘Tech Neck”, which is the appearance of horizontal lines along my neck that I swear continue to get deeper and more noticeable. I’ve taken some before pics and can’t wait to share the progress after 6 weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

I just felt you guys should know about this and start thinking about taking good care of not only your face (#obvi) for skincare but neck and decollete. Be proactive and treat these areas too!

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