If You Don’t Change

Guess what? If you don’t change, nothing else will…

Hear this out though. Goal setting and writing down your goals are great. You can have big, lofty dreams that can get set in to motion because you’re finally visualizing them…


Try this on for size. Having one “small” task (cough cough goal) a day can create a successful long-term path too.

My GOAL this year is to do one ‘good’ thing a day. Those good things can include working out. Eating a healthy meal. Sleeping. Doing a blog post. Creating content.

The rest of the time will obviously be spent doing bad things. 😂

Seems simple enough, right?

Salt lamp your life….

And to kick start your new year with some change, it’s time to bow down and get a freaking salt lamp like everyone else. I turn mine on in my bedroom at night, while I’m writing content and ignoring the recommendation that you shouldn’t look at your phone, TV, or blue light of any kind after 7 PM. Somehow the having the light of the salt lamp on justifies everything, right?

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