TNS ADVANCED PLUS SERUM – Does it really work?

Have you heard about the latest product release from SkinMedica? Have you heard of SkinMedica? OK, OK, let’s give a little context here.

SkinMedica is a premium skincare line that’s only sold in medical/clinic based settings (physicians like Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons etc.). The brand is owned by Allergan which is the same company that owns Botox and Juvederm, among other cosmetic brands. Think of SkinMedica as your at-home care/supplement to your Botox/filler treatments.

Anyways SkinMedica has actually been around for quite awhile and they are ‘famous’ for their TNS line. TNS stands for “Tissue Nutrient Solution” and without getting too technical, it is a human growth factor ingredient infused into the product. This growth factor is a patented technology and causes cell-turnover that no other product in the market can comp to. For over 12 years their best-selling product was TNS Essential Serum (cost $281/bottle) and the anti-aging formula was basically dubbed “Botox in a Box.” If you haven’t heard of TNS Essential Serum before, you’re probably having a little sticker shock at the price right now, and that’s fair. The thing to consider though is the product would not have lasted/retailed for over twelve years at that price point if it didn’t work. AND it wouldn’t be their best-seller.

Recently (June 2020) SkinMedica launched the ‘newest’ formulation for their TNS line, which is called TNS ADVANCED+ SERUM. The product claims to work faster than the original TNS ESSENTIAL SERUM and can give visible results in as little as two weeks. I switched from using TNS ESSENTIAL to TNS ADVANCED+ a little over two weeks ago and documented the two week ‘before and after’ –see below.

Just two weeks in I think that’s a pretty decent improvement. No one should expect MAJOR differences after only using a product for two weeks however for me you can clearly see I am brighter, more even-toned, pores around the nose are smaller, and I’m even firmer around the marionette lines.

I will continue to use my product and document the ‘after’ photo when I’ve hit twelve weeks and do a follow-up post. TNS ADVANCED+ is $295 a bottle and you use it morning and night, typically one bottle will last 8-12 weeks.


4 thoughts on “TNS ADVANCED PLUS SERUM – Does it really work?

  1. I use the same products you do! I just started with the TNS serum and love it. How do I fold my retin a into the routine? Before or after the TNS, different day…?

  2. Hi Lauren, how did the 12 weeks go? I’m trying to decide whether the additional cost for the TNS Advacnced is worth it (over the regular TNS). I searched your site and didn’t see the after post yet!

  3. I’m also curious to know how the 12 weeks went. Can’t wait for the update! Thanks.

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