Sunset Dinner At The Resort

A nice, beachfront resort will have a dress code when going to dinner. No spaghetti strap tank tops and flip flops people! This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a cocktail dress and stilettos, however. Opt for something that can take you straight from dinner to a walk on the beach, without having to worry about comfort at all. I like this resort outfit because it diverts from the all too popular choice of just throwing on a maxi dress calling it good. Spruce up your look with additional accessories and a dewy glow with the one and only Nars Illuminator.

summer resort outfit idea

Jovonna honey comb
$100 –

Flat sandals

Dorothy Perkins clutch
$28 –

Tory burch jewelry

Chanel lipstick

Nars cosmetic

NARS Cosmetics gold cosmetic
$38 –

All Whitey Then

Memorial Day Weekend is approaching and we have all heard of the alleged fashion ‘rule’ that it’s now OK to wear white. Does anyone actually follow this ‘rule’ anymore? It’s not OK to wear a white summer dress in the freezing cold winter, sure, but it’s also not OK to wear a blue summer dress in the freezing cold winter, either. I have plenty of seasonal ‘winter white’ clothing that I wear during cold months and never think twice that I’m breaking some sort of weird rule against it.

Nevertheless, this alleged ‘rule’ should remind and inspire you to bring out your white summer clothing. I love a white summer dress and playing it up with a colorful accent piece. Personally, my ‘rule’ for wearing white in the summer is to make sure your white clothing doesn’t match your skin tone. Now is the time to start a good self-tanner and bronzer routine for the summer months. Definitely get a decent brand that doesn’t smell or rub off on your (gasp!) white clothing either.

summer going out outfit idea

Goldie white dress
$81 –

Prada satchel handbag

Kate Spade bib necklace

Casually Chic

Casually chic – it really is the perfect balance of comfort and sexy. Delicate details in your jewelry, handbag and signature fragrance always help in achieving the effortlessly put together look. In the spring and summer you can show more leg with shorts and skirts, just make sure you ‘arm’, or in this case ‘leg’ yourself with self tanner. My next product purchase will be the Tarte Brazilliance self tanner, there are so many positive reviews online for this that I have to try it! Casually Chic

Akira top

Topshop shorts

Tom Ford sunglasses

Christian Dior lip gloss

Make A Whish!

I came home yesterday to find a lovely delivery at my door that I could hardly wait to try – Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream and Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel. whish shaving productsI heard about the Whish product line recently while attending a cosmetic trunk show and have seen it in different magazines, most recently NewBeauty. These products made me consider how much I upgrade/invest in higher end hair, makeup, skin, and body care products, however, one area that I have given the least amount of attention to is my ‘shave’ care regimen. All I’ve ever used is a Venus razor (I have no allegiance to any particular type) and liquid soap. What hooked me in on Whish is not so much the shaving cream as it was the Shave Savour. The Shave Savour ($26) is a hair inhibiting gel, and at this point I honestly cannot believe I overlooked a rather no-brainer product in my beauty routine. Unless shaving is something you enjoy on a regular basis, you should ALWAYS use a product after shaving that slows hair growth, right? The Whish line also makes an effort to use organic/natural ingredients and is sulfate, paraben, and petrochemical free, AND I would make the argument that the Shave Savour is environmentally friendly because of the logic if you shave less then you’re using less water etc. OK, enough pitch here, these products are amazing, just look at my before and after! hair removal before and afterBAHA! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I thought it would be a little too much to do a real before and after for this–if you’re able to imagine what your leg looks/feels like before and after shaving then you get the picture. Using the shave cream was nice, it was a lot more oily than it was creamy compared to other shave creams I’ve used and was very moisturizing. The Shave Savour is gel based, very soothing, and I can totally see why this would be great to use after being out in the sun or in a pool all day, as this is another suggested use. In sum – a product that puts the brakes on stubble is always going to be in my beauty closet!