Toxic Household Items: Why Do These STILL Exist?

I’d say I’m not surprised to hear that big name brands like Dawn, Downy, and Bounce have a bunch of crap chemicals in their products, however, I am surprised by this. Here’s why…

First things first, let me give you a little science/reference to the chemicals/toxins found in Dawn, Downy, and Bounce that I found on the internet. Just google any of these name brands and “toxic ingredients” to see for yourself. All of them, to some degree, carry several ingredients that are linked/associated/correlated with health and environmental issues, including various forms of cancer, asthma and respiratory issues, and messing with one’s hormones. COME ON.

So why am I surprised by this? It’s freaking 2019 and frankly in 5 months it will already be 2020. Toxic ingredients and their CORRELATIONS (no not officially causation) to cancer and health issues IS NOT NEW NEWS. Why, then, would any, and I mean ANY, company still continue to create and manufacture products with ingredients that continue to be in question? We all damn well know there are alternative, alleged, ‘more natural’ ingredients they could formulate and substitute out. And more importantly, the heavy hitter bigger brands could sure as shit figure out a way to cost effectively do this. For all I know these fragrance laden products could potentially be the next Round Up Weed Killer in 10 years. These companies should be called out for being lazy and/or negligent about ingredients in question.

What’s even stranger to me is that these companies DO carry green/alternative/fragrance free formulas. Umm, ok, so why aren’t all of their products this way? Why does Bounce still have their fragrance toxic plume sheets but also sell “Bounce Fragrance Free”? What a joke.

Ok, I’m going to get off my rant here, but to summarize it’s freaking 2019 and I should be able to pull any laundry detergent off of Target’s shelf and not have to think twice that exposure to it (even in the smallest doses) is going to mess with my endocrine system or give my children asthma. Does anyone else hear me? I’m tossing these items and my first point of action is to replace my dryer sheets with these wool dryer balls. Apparently they keep your clothes soft and you can just dab some essential oil on them to give your clothes the NATURAL scent of your choice. Easy enough, right?

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