Best Gifts for New Moms

Let’s be real here. The newborn snuggles never get old, and that’s because they don’t last forever. Finite moments are priceless, right?

I’ve actually got a couple things on my vanity right now that I can recommend as great must haves for moms and moms to be, and relate to getting the most ‘snuggle’ time you can. If you’re in the market to get a new mom friend or loved one a gift, check these ideas out just for Mommy!

First is Aveda’s Invati Scalp Revitalizer ($65). You’ve all heard about hair thinning & loss that can happen post pregnancy. Everyone is different and hormones play a role in all of it. This time around I’m just being proactive and using a product that gives you thicker, fuller-looking hair. The ingredients stimulate circulation on the scalp too. This is a cool gift because normally people don’t buy products like this for themselves until it’s “too late”, where they’re already seeing a significant amount of hair loss. Getting something like this as a pre-emptive measure can be so appreciated.

Second is Aveda’s speed of light blow dry accelerator spray ($32). Lol it’s easy to think and feel like you have less time for yourself and want to hurry up that time spent getting ready. If this is you and you want to feel more efficient, get a blow dry accelerator spray 😉. It can reduce blow dry time by up to 50% or more. 😮

Third and final favorite is Aveda’s stress-fix composition oil ($30). I use this everyday for aromatherapy and it’s great for skin-to-skin and bedtime, the lavender blend aroma helps encourage the 💤 😴.

Now back to snuggling. ❤️

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