Do You Gua Sha?

Oh my gosh-a, do you Gua Sha?

I’m pretty hooked on this one. Given that currently I can’t do fillers or topical retinol (🍼🙋🏼‍♀️🤱) I need to take advantage of all the naturally based treatments & techniques that I can. Which by the way, you should be doing regardless of whether or not you can get Botox, 😉 right?

I give myself a Gua Sha mini-facial every morning that I can, and frequently at night too. First off apply an oil—lately I’ve been using @pura_dor Rosehip seed oil and it is incredible, this is a naturally derived product that has immense amounts of Retinol Acid (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C, which helps both improve elasticity and softens the look 👀 of fine lines and wrinkles. GAME CHANGER!

Using a Gua Sha stone and roller daily helps to improve elasticity, firm & lift, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation through the lymphatic system. Some people put their tools in the fridge so they are colder when using them but I say you don’t need to, the natural temp of the stone is much cooler than your body temperature.

Massage in upward movements on your neck and face. There are tons of YouTube tutorials and online instructions on this if you’re needing more guidance, but I think it’s pretty straightforward, just do both sides of your face in the same amount.

Side note I realized my Green Aventurine Gua Sha stone & Amethyst Facial Roller is from a brand called @gemstoneyoni which at the time when I purchased from a local retailer they told me they would be switching vendors since the brand also carries some other “interesting” products. I’ll let you check out their IG profile to see what I’m talking about 😂 but what’s important no matter where you source your Gua Sha is that it’s an actual stone/crystal and not a synthetically created item, ya hear?

If you’re looking for an affordable Jade Roller & Gua Sha stone package option, there’s an authentic one here on Amazon that I recommend, its reasonably (around $20) and comes with both the gua sha stone and jade roller.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

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