About That Sauna Studio – Sweat It Out

Have ya heard? Michael and I officially opened Perspire Sauna Studio in West Des Moines!

Perspire Sauna Studio is a dream for both of us – we discovered this concept less than a year ago and let me tell you, when you know, YOU KNOW.

Honestly I have been searching for “my own business” dream for years and years, but none of the ideas I had never felt quite right, so I never executed on them.

Finally, though, we came across Perspire and with some due diligence of course, we were so ready to launch. If you’re not familiar with infrared sauna therapy, the benefits of doing routine sessions is incredible, and include:

RELAX 🧘‍♂️ the mind.
BURN 🔥 calories.
ENHANCE 🦠 immunity.
CLEAR 🌟 skin.
IMPROVE 🌙 sleep.
DETOX 💦 the body.

There hasn’t been easy infrared sauna access in the Des Moines and Iowa market like this and we are beyond excited to be able to bring this to the community.

You can learn more about Perspire Sauna Studio West Des Moines and even get your first session for just $20 by visiting our website HERE!

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