Bedroom “Accessory”? It’s Not What You Think 😉

Hey! If this photo has got you thinking “Umm Lauren, what is that?!”, get your mind out of the gutter 😂. I’ve got a bedroom “accessory” to recommend – and YES the initial photo I’ve shared is meant to draw you in…

This is actually a close up of my Body Back Buddy, a body and back (#obvi) acupressure massager that you have to get.

This uniquely engineered self massage “cane” is the perfect solution to work out those knots in your back and apply the right amount of pressure on any area of your back and body that needs attention. Think about post workout soreness, or any sort of pain in your lower back, hip flexor area, neck, arms, legs…seriously ANYWHERE – this tool can help you.

The multiple hook and pressure point ball options make it easy to massage trigger point areas and work out knots! I’ve actually had this product recommended to me two separate times by chiropractor and massage therapist for at home “knot” therapy. At a price point of $30 on Amazon, this is a no brainer to own. I keep this next to my bed and frequently use when I’m lying on my BioMat.
The back massager is lightweight but at the same time extremely sturdy, like blunt force object sturdy — it could double as a weapon to ward of bad guys in the middle of the night if they bust in to your home. 😂.

Add this guy to your Amazon cart now. This is one of those few tools that help to dissolve pain, relax tension and rid stress naturally. Try it and let me know what you think!

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