Boarding a Plane

Traveling in comfort is important to me, especially if the flight is anything over 2.5 hours. I like to layer my outfits when traveling via airplane because initially I may be all right temperature wise but after sitting for an hour or more I tend to get cold. I also don’t wear much if any jewelry because I don’t feel like disassembling myself more than I need to when going through security. Another MUST for me is wearing closed toed shoes and socks. I cringe when I see the barefooted people at the security gate – I mean how nasty is that floor? My socks somehow give me a slight barrier and peace of mind.

comfy travel airplane outfit

STELLA McCARTNEY sleeveless top

Keds sneaker

Tory Burch handbag


Forever New scarve
$33 –

One thought on “Boarding a Plane

  1. Totally agree I too layer my clothing on flights, wear socks with shoes & don’t wear much jewelry. My next step is to go without makeup on the flight so I can keep putting moisturizer on my face. It gets so dry on a plane.


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