Jennifer Aniston Powder – Does It Work?

Let’s discuss this Vital Proteins Collagen Supplement, or what I like to call my “Jennifer Aniston Powder” as you may recall or if not already be fully aware she is their celebrity endorser. Will the powder make you turn in to Jennifer Aniston? Probably not at that price point, however the collagen powder is more marketed towards promoting hair, nail, skin, bone and joint health.

For the past 2+ years the “collagen” buzz has continued to grow and I would say at this point is a common term used in beauty and wellness. The benefits of incorporating more collagen in your diet MAY help with improving skin, preventing bone loss, boosting muscle mass, stronger nails and healthier hair, and even boosted metabolism.

I have gone through almost an entire Tub of the unflavored version which I found at my local Costco however this item is accessible via Amazon here and sometimes goes on sale. I like to put a scoop in my coffee every morning and mix it with a frother quickly.

Jennifer Aniston Powder available via Amazon

I will keep using this daily for the following reasons – the supplement is flavorless, odorless, with no added sugars/crap. It includes 20g of Collagen Peptides per serving and you only need one to two scoops max/day. Personally I do notice an “improvement” in hair health and nail strength anytime I add in a biotin or multivitamin supplement like this that can affect it, however that isn’t my ‘sell point’. I think overall the benefits that MAY happen, key word to establish expectations is MAY, that it’s kind of like too easy NOT to include this in your routine. And some may even think it will increase their chances of turning in to Jennifer Aniston and I say hey it’s worth a shot. 🤣

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