The Stretched Root

Another low maintenance hair color option to consider for those of you wanting to “stretch” times in between your highlight appointments. The “stretched root” is a technique where you can combine highlights with a darker, rootier blended base. The method allows for your new growth to blend in better with your lighter color and essentially you can continue to grow out your natural color as long as you like it! Below are pictures of a stretched root and highlight I did recently – although the base color is subtle it gives the client a more blended option and therefore she can grow her hair out longer without worrying about having a harsh line of new growth that can happen with just doing traditional foils right to the scalp.
streched-root stretched-root-highlights


Blonded All Over

I love making a blonde blonde again! I’m a big believer in highlights versus all over color, especially when it comes to light blonde. Why? With highlights, even if you do a very heavy, fine foil all over to achieve nearly Barbie perfection blonde, I still like the fact that the client’s natural color is embedded subtly in the hair. It offers a natural dimension that goes away if you do an all over color. The process takes a little longer to do but it’s so worth it and gives the client less of a demarcation line (ie roots) as her hair grows out. See a great example below of a full foil I did on a client recently. The coverage is great but she still has dimension from her natural shade. What do you think?
BEFORE highlights before and after
AFTERcool blonde highlightsplatinum blonde highlights

Greenery and Hair Color

First post of 2017 calls for a timely 2017 related subject, right? Real creative, I know. Well here’s something I wanted to discuss back in 2016 but held out for all of three weeks when I started thinking about it.

pantone-color-of-the-year-2017-greeneryPantone recently released it’s “Color of the Year” for 2017 and I just have to give my opinion of interpretation on this and how it applies to the beauty industry. The 2017 Color of the Year “Greenery” is a warm, yellow-green spring shade that will be a beautiful option to try as an eyeshadow with a pink or nude lip. It is so easter-clean-spring-grassish and will look absolutely amazing on people with brown or blue eyes.

Now, with that being said, I MUST demand that people realize where the color of the year is practical and beautiful and where it is absolutely NOT acceptable. Please, please, please, I beg of you, do not interpret the color of the year to be somehow acceptable as a hair color. Read this again, carefully: The 2017 Greenery Color of the Year is not acceptable as a hair color, IN ANY WAY. LOL. I’m sorry to be so dramatic about this but sometimes I just feel people think that the Color Of The Year, once it is announced, is trendy and can go on anywhere and anything. No folks, certainly for 2017 this is not the case when it comes to hair color so don’t even think about throwing in some greenery inspired streaks or doing an all over green color like it.

There’s a reason Oscar The Grouch is so grouchy, ok, and it is because he lives in a trash can and his hair is green. Green on hair, and nails for that matter, is associated with poor maintenance and fungus, so there’s absolutely no reason to artificially recreate a color on your hair that mother nature uses to give off as a warning to others.

So, are we all in aGREENment about this? 😉

Product Talk: Get An Ibiza Round Brush

ibiza-round-brush-reviewLet’s make this post quick and to the point. If you’re in the market for a good round brush and have no idea where to start, congratulations, because your search is over. The Ibiza brand round brush is BY FAR the best round brush you can buy and is worth it’s notoriously “lightweight” weight in gold.

I came across this miracle brush way back in 2011, before any of this hair styling obsession of mine existed, before I knew how to even really blow dry my hair halfway decent. Prior to the Ibiza discovery, I had used a round brush in a similar fashion to how most consumers use one: they try using it, get it tangled in their hair, and then stop using it. I believed round brushes were only for salon professionals and the reason they didn’t get it tangled in the hair was because they had a better angle and more than two hands. Great, logical thinking Lauren, I know.

Anyways I got my hair done at a lovely salon in Beverly Hills and noticed my stylist and EVERY stylist there had these cork like handle looking round brushes they were using on their clients for their blowouts. There wasn’t a ceramic round brush in sight, which up until that point I didn’t even know a different type really existed. After my stylist used the cork round brush on me and I experienced literally the best, soft curl voluminous blow out of MY LIFE I had to give the round brush thing another try.

victorias-secret-hairThe Ibiza round brush is a boar and nylon bristle mixed brush that gives you such a soft, beautified body hair blow out without frying your hair, in my opinion, like the ceramic brushes can do. For the average consumer, I think a mixed boar bristle brush is such a safer option heat/damage wise and I swear the brush NEVER gets tangled in my hair when I use it on myself. I get soft, beveled ends and as much body and volume at the top of my head that I want. You literally can roll the brush up like a hot or velcro roller to your head and just heat up your hair with a blow dryer, let it cool set and unroll to get the Victoria’s Secret type volume we all envy.

My Two Friends: Ibiza B3 and EX5 Round Brushes.

Ugh I could go on and on about this brush but I started this post saying it would be short and sweet. The pricing for this brush is so reasonable, at $40-$50 depending on the size you get, it is a steal considering mine are now 5 years old and still work and look like the day I bought them (see photo). I use the EX3 and B3 series/sizes in case you’re wondering. Not sure there is much difference between the two but I swear I like the black bristled one better LOL. The B series (white brush pictured) bristles are apparently better for blondes, color treated hair and people with fine curly hair, just as an FYI.

There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to round brush your hair yourself at home and with some practice and an Ibiza I think you’ll be a round brush “expert” in no time. If you pay attention to all the Instagram famous stylists as well on their videos, you’ll notice if they’re doing a blow dry that this brush is almost always the tool of choice.

Ok, last paragraph and last “argument” of why this is the best brush on the market. You, the non-hairstylist, are never going to be able to duplicate a salon worthy blow dry at home because you are, #obvi, not a hairstylist. You, however, have an opportunity to produce a similar, functional, day to day result because the Ibiza round brush is gentler on your hair and it’s boar bristles don’t get tangled, even for people who have long ass hair. It’s reasonably priced and the best stylists in the world use it. Let me know if you have more questions about this brush and I will answer them! Otherwise, get one already!!

Before & After: Winterized Brunette

Hey you. You brunette you. It’s fall (probably feels like winter) at this point and you’re pale. Dull. You need some richness, some revival back in to your look and the quickest way to get this is a color refresh. Take your brunette from basic and mousy, to rich, shiny, and dark chocolately. And let these before and after photos be proof that all it takes is one color appointment to get an instant transformation! Color, cut and style by me!
This hair color was created using Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Color.
20g 3N + 20g 4N Full Spectrum Permanent
4g O/G + 4g Y/O in Aveda Deep Puretones
40g 10 Volume Color Catalyst Developer
Process 20 minutes