OOTD or OOTM: Sweatpants Rule Postpartum 😂

Well here I am two weeks postpartum and I was going to say “NOTHING fits right, I’ve been wearing sweatpants the whole time”, however, actually I’m going to say that “EVERYTHING fits right, I’ve been wearing sweatpants the whole time.” 😉

With February and the beginning of March being cold and frankly not worth going outside, I can’t complain that the beginning of my maternity leave has corresponded with needing to wear comfy, warm clothes.

I don’t have a go-to expensive sweatsuit or Lulu item to recommend haha, however I’ll admit I pull basically anything from the Express One Eleven line to wear as my day-to-day, non-active “activewear”. As I continue to heal and ‘deflate’ post baby, these comfy and soft clothes are my outfit of the month.

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Fall Afternoon Walk Down Park Avenue

If you’re wearing an outfit this expensive, then you’re probably not going to take a true ‘walk’ down Park Avenue, but rather a walk from your multi-million dollar apartment to your town car. And anyways, a long walk isn’t worth scuffing up your Jimmy Choos, right?

Forget the price range of this outfit. The point is that it’s finally September, and you can pull out your favorite fall wardrobe pieces. I like being able to integrate leather tops and skirts (real or fake I don’t care as long as it looks good) in to my fall and of course winter wear. It’s sexy and sophisticated. dressy work outfit

Floral knee length skirt

Jimmy Choo black pumps

Yves Saint Laurent black ring
$290 – selfridges.com

$66 – harveynichols.com

Florals For Fall

Everyone does florals for spring, sure, but there’s nothing wrong with integrating florals in to your fall outfits. A little more subtle and a lot less bright than spring colors, but still feminine and gorgeous.

fall work outfit idea

Forever New white singlet
$65 – forevernew.com.au

Carvela black heel sandals
$185 – selfridges.com

3 1 Phillip Lim black bag

Chanel lips makeup

Chanel powder blush

Black and Pink

The color I wear the most – Black. The color I wear the least – Pink. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and there’s something about wearing that with pink that makes me feel like I’m trying to be too girly and have an obsession with Barbie. If I’m going to do pink, I need to ‘harden’ up the look with a dark color, and obviously the go-to is black. Yes, this outfit is still very girl with the floral print, however I don’t feel it is overdone. I could have paired this outfit with pink heels and a white purse and bright pink lips etc. and it would look/feel too dolly for me. work outfit idea

Skater dress
$30 – desireclothing.co.uk

Sam Edelman black pumps
$135 – julesb.co.uk

Gucci crystal jewelry

It’s A Nice Day Out, I’m Going Window Shopping

Well, you can say you’re going window shopping but you’ll probably end up in a store or two if you’re shopping the right spots. I always tell myself “I’m just looking” and that lasts for about 30 minutes before I decide ‘oh just this one thing’. #shopaholism casual summer to fall outfit

Mango sleeve dress
$34 – johnlewis.com

Fossil bracelet

Pull Bear necklace
$10 – pullandbear.com

Ray-ban glasses

Work It

It seems like it has been unusually cool this summer, especially for July, and I’m not complaining. If we can have more fall or spring like days than blistering hot summer days that’s fine by me. You can get away with bringing out some of your more fall pieces too as the weather permits it. This outfit reminds me of fall with the darker colors, but the materials are still light enough for the season.

Also I’m seriously obsessed with these Phillip Lim satchel bags. I already know this will be my next handbag purchase!

fall trends work outfit idea

Alice Olivia ribbed shirt

Steve Madden slip on shoes

Chanel spf makeup

Chanel lips makeup

Bar Hopping In Paris

Going out and looking chic. Oui to that!

bar hopping in paris outfit idea

Pacha shirts top
$39 – riverisland.fr

Gucci suede ankle booties

Givenchy black leather handbag
$960 – liberty.co.uk

Floral perfume